Meet Rep. Brian Hoven

After serving three terms as your representative in the Montana Legislature for House District 24, I’m now seeking election to Senate District 13. I believe the biggest issue facing Montana is growing our economy. A robust, growing economy not only provides our citizens with jobs, it also generates the necessary tax revenues to support important state government services such as education, health care and public safety. The only way to create a strong economy and jobs is through investment. While Montana’s investment climate isn’t lousy, there’s room for significant improvement. Workman’s Compensation rates, the Business Equipment Tax and excessive, burdensome regulation and bureaucracy are hindering our Montana’s true economic potential. These issues need to be addressed in the 2015 Legislature.

During my previous three legislative sessions I’ve supported fiscal discipline in state budgets, promoting business development, not harming our economy and making sure we maintain important safety nets for the truly needy.

Why Vote for Me? Experience Counts.

I have a 51-year business record of setting and achieving goals, solving complex problems and managing people and budgets. For the first 14 years of my career, I earned management experience at Proctor and Gamble. In 1978, Barbara and I left the security of P&G and moved home to Great Falls to launch a farm equipment dealership with no knowledge, little money and lots of enthusiasm. In the ensuing 36 years, over 35 farm equipment dealers in north-central Montana went out of business. We struggled and prevailed through some very tough economic cycles.

I also have the invaluable experience of three legislative sessions, where I’ve served on the House Tax, Natural Resources, and Interim Revenue and Transportation Committees. I know how the Legislature works, and I’ll use that knowledge to effectively represent the interests of SD 13 residents. Thank you for your past trust and confidence. I look forward to serving you in the upcoming Legislature, a responsibility I take very seriously.